Rock Concerts: Is It Safe?

rock concerts and pregnancy is it safe

Did Gwyneth rock to Coldplay
while pregnant?

My friend is expecting and her husband is in a band. She was wondering if it was safe to go to one of his shows.


I told her I was pretty sure that Gwyneth Paltrow went to see hubbie Chris Martin's band Coldplay while she was with child and she seems like she'd be on top of all kinds of pregnancy health issues. That made her feel a little better, but she wanted to hear it from a doctor. So here's what the expert has to say.

"If you're expecting and headed to a rock concert, this is probably a safe activity for your little one," says Marsha Silberstein, M.D., of the Pregnancy Guru. "Just remember, your baby’s cochlea (inner ear) is fully developed by 22 weeks. After that the baby can hear everything that you can hear. To protect your baby’s hearing, you’ll want concerts to be an occasional indulgence, not an every night affair."

Will you continue to go to rock concerts while you're pregnant?

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