Rock Concerts: Is It Safe?

rock concerts and pregnancy is it safe

Did Gwyneth rock to Coldplay
while pregnant?

My friend is expecting and her husband is in a band. She was wondering if it was safe to go to one of his shows.

I told her I was pretty sure that Gwyneth Paltrow went to see hubbie Chris Martin's band Coldplay while she was with child and she seems like she'd be on top of all kinds of pregnancy health issues. That made her feel a little better, but she wanted to hear it from a doctor. So here's what the expert has to say.

"If you're expecting and headed to a rock concert, this is probably a safe activity for your little one," says Marsha Silberstein, M.D., of the Pregnancy Guru. "Just remember, your baby’s cochlea (inner ear) is fully developed by 22 weeks. After that the baby can hear everything that you can hear. To protect your baby’s hearing, you’ll want concerts to be an occasional indulgence, not an every night affair."

Will you continue to go to rock concerts while you're pregnant?

is it safe


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Joyan... JoyandLove

Great information!

kmsto... kmstockwell

Just a heads up... both myself and my friend went to small bar band performances (2 separate occasions), the kind where it's tough to get too far away from the speakers, when we were close to our due dates.  We both went into labor within 48 hours of the show.  Coincidence?

ryder... rydersmom08

going to see kenny chesney in october I will be about 6 months pregnant glad to know I can still go to concerts even though he isn't rock. It's exciting to know that preggers can have some fun.

jedwa... jedwards2009

I would like to go. But the only thing I would be scared about is the idiots who start jumping around and running into people. We would have to shell out the extra money to get actual seats.

Colts... ColtsFan1912

I went to a weekend Christian rock concert while pregnant. I just had to stay out of the mosh pit.

JJz_M... JJz_Mommy

I think it's ok, as long as you stay outta the mosh pit "common sense!" I've been to a Static-X concert while I was about 6 months preggo, I just had to stay off to the side so I wouldn't get pushed around the crowd. Planning on seeing David Cook next month, a bit more mellow than Static-X lol...I'm about 10 weeks along so i'm not really worried about the loud speakers or what not...

Kimra Kimra

i used to be a booking agent, and i booked thousands of concerts in the favorite thing to do is go to concerts...when i got pregnant i did cut out most concerts only because they go so late and i would be tired by the time the headlining bands would hit the baby is only 6 weeks old and i'm sure he will go to several concerts by the time he is 1...i'm buying the bose headphones that drown out all the noise so he can listen to lullabyes and other music when i take him the concerts...i can't leave him for more than 5-6 hours because i'm breastfeeding so he will just have to come to the concerts with me

Pysch... PyschoDivaMom

I am in my 4th pregnancy now, and it is a bit of a ritual for us to attend concerts while pregnant. We also always see 311 and Sevendust every pregnancy. I go well into my 3rd trimester and just make sure I am comfortable and our friends keep a "bubble" around me if we are at a standing room only concert. I have lots of fun and my children have grown to love music. I think it is all in the comfort of the individual. I have to admit though, some people can be reall a-holes about it because they think a pregnant woman should be at home cleaning or eating ice cream.

black... blacklilya

My hubby is in a band, in fact all of our friends are in bands. So we have lots of shows we can go to but don't necessarily make every one. It averages 1 or 2 a month. When I do go I rarely stay inside or near the stage the whole time and it is obvious my little girl can hear the music too because she starts bouncing.  If I start feeling uncomfortable I relocate myself. It's just best to be careful but enjoy yourself.

sherl... sherlokke

i went to one while pregnant; people started moshing around me (it was a big band but a small show - no room inside) and one of my best friends found me and circled his arms around my belly crouching and crabwalked me outta there. i didn't see my now ex the whole show.

we had fun, but since a group of about 10 of us went to it waaay out of town, there was a big party at the motel afterward that i missed. my ex passed out drunk so i felt i shouldn't be around a bunch of wasted people without him. there was also a college football game (I'm in TX, this was lubbock), so apparently there were a lot of metalhead/good ol boy clashes. had i not been pregnant, i think it would've been an epic night...

had fun anyway.

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