Daddy's Pregnancy Hormones

couvade syndrome sympathetic pregnancy

Could this photo of my hubs be any more perfect?

Taken as a joke before 'we' were pregnant.

I'm a huge bundle of hormones right now. Mood swings, irritability, food aversions and cravings -- you know the list. It's all common when you are pregnant, but it's happening to my husband, too.

It's called Couvade Syndrome, aka Sympathetic Pregnancy, and it affects dads-to-be during and sometimes even after his partner gives birth.


Couvade Syndrome got it's name based on the French word for hatch and this type of sympathetic pregnancy can even change a man's hormones -- levels of testosterone, prolactin, estrogen, and cortisol have been reported as rising up to 80 percent.

I find this kind of man is feeling the pains along with me. Awww -- or should I be saying owwww!?

Mr. Cafe Michele is suddenly a big fan of the nap, he wakes up a couple of times in the night, he's been having strange pregnancy dreams, and he's even sprouted a few pimples...and he never gets them. My skin's been a mess!

It's just too bad they can't actually deliver the baby, too right?

Has your partner experienced Sympathetic Pregnancy, too?

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