A Mommy in Combat Boots

My Mother Wears Combat Boots

Photo from Amazon

My friend Michelle, who just had a baby girl two weeks ago (her name is Jillian and she is adorable with a full head of dark hair!), gave me this book by Jessica Mills -- My Mother Wears Combat Boots: A Parenting Book for the Rest of Us.

Jessica, a touring punk rock musician, writes of her pregnancy journey and continues through to when her daughter turns four.


She writes of her way of doing things...during pregnancy and beyond, and even though I wouldn't do things the same way, I do enjoy other perspectives on parenting.

It's a gutsy book in that she is very candid and real. Mills writes about her relationship with her boyfriend, her birth story, taking her baby on tour with her band, and how she plans on raising her child.

Parenting is different for everyone -- we just need to find out (often through trial and error) what works best for us.

Have you read My Mother Wears Combat Boots? Are there any non-mainstream books you've read and would recommend?

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