Watermelon: Excellent for Pregnant Ladies

watermelon pregnancyThis might be the best food news I've heard since I've been pregnant -- watermelon is really good for me and the development of my babies!

Thank goodness because I love watermelons and am craving fruit all the time.


Fit Pregnancy featured all the benefits of this juicy summer fruit for us.


  • ease heartburn.
  • reduce swelling.
  • help with morning sickness.
  • are very hydrating with their water content.
  • help prevent muscle cramps in third trimester.
  • reduce instances of preeclampsia by 50 percent.
  • aid in development of baby's brain, vision, nervous and immune systems, and more.

Check out this recipe for Watermelon Punch (the non-alcoholic one of course) and Fit Pregnancy also has more watermelon recipes to incorporate this fruit into your food.

Are you craving watermelons, too?

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