Watermelon: Excellent for Pregnant Ladies


watermelon pregnancyThis might be the best food news I've heard since I've been pregnant -- watermelon is really good for me and the development of my babies!

Thank goodness because I love watermelons and am craving fruit all the time.

Fit Pregnancy featured all the benefits of this juicy summer fruit for us.


  • ease heartburn.
  • reduce swelling.
  • help with morning sickness.
  • are very hydrating with their water content.
  • help prevent muscle cramps in third trimester.
  • reduce instances of preeclampsia by 50 percent.
  • aid in development of baby's brain, vision, nervous and immune systems, and more.

Check out this recipe for Watermelon Punch (the non-alcoholic one of course) and Fit Pregnancy also has more watermelon recipes to incorporate this fruit into your food.

Are you craving watermelons, too?

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athenax3 athenax3

Awesome, thanks for sharing this info- I have craved fruit through this whole pregnancy but I will make a point to eat more watermelon now- I had no idea there were those kind of potential benefits from it!

amybu... amybuddy45

I love watermelon and thank goodness for being pregnant while it is in season.  I buy it all the time since my boys love it too.

Betc04 Betc04

I have been eating watermelon like crazy for the last month. I buy one everytime I go to the store. Glad to know it's good for my baby too!

Peajewel Peajewel

My friend made the watermelon punch you posted on here for my Fourth of July party (she used the one WITH the alcohol) and it was very, very yummy! 

Lanasmom Lanasmom

Ya, but all that water, could cause you to gain weight-- I knew a lady that ate literally half a watermelon for each meal everyday of her pregnancy --She gained 90lbs with her daughter--it was all the water weight from the watermelon.


i ate watermelon all through my last pregnancy its really hot were im at and that was all i wanted lol

movie... moviemom22

This is so funny because I hated watermelon before I was pregnant, but have been craving it. I just cut up a whole one this weekend and have ate almost the whole thing by myself. Glad to hear it was the right fruit to pick.

ZJsmo... ZJsmom730

I have been craving watermelon during my pregnancy and I'm glad to know that is doing some good for baby and me!  The best kind is the yellow watermelons!

SxdUp... SxdUpAngel

My midwife's been telling me to keep up with my watermelon intake for a while but it's nice to see that others agree with it.  I eat a watermelon by myself every week.  I LOVE it. 


I've been craving fruit more with this pregnancy than I did when I was preggers with my DD.  I'm going to go serve myself some watermelon that I cut up yesterday.  I ate half of a cantaloupe by myself yesterday.  Oops  ; )

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