Pregnancy Makes Me Gassy

pregnancy gasToot toot! Seriously, I have never been so gassy in my life until I got pregnant. I joked about it over on my personal blog about how gas is like a pregnant woman's secret weapon -- she can unleash it on others (from either exit)  if they make her mad by doing things like not giving up a subway seat.

I don't like farting in public, but whoa does it hurt when I have to hold it in.


Why does this happen?

We can blame it on the progesterone, my doctor told me, which slows our digestive tract making us burp and have flatulence more than usual. Isn't flatulence such a nice word?

As our babies grow in our bellies, there is even more chance of gas because, well, it's getting crowded in there.

Can we avoid it? Maybe a little if we avoid certain foods.

Broccoli, beans, cabbage, carbonated beverages, and pasta can cause gas in some, but it's mostly about how you eat. 

  • Don't each huge meals. Eat less, just more frequently throughout day. This also helps with nausea.
  • When you eat, eat slow. Fully chew your food.
  • Don't lay down right after eating. Keep upright to help digestion.
  • Avoid gum -- it makes you swallow air when you chew.
  • Don't drink a lot during your meal. Hydrate after eating and never drink fast.

Do you have more gas during pregnancy?

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