I Wasn't the Only Pregnant Wedding Guest

pregnant wedding guest

Beautiful bride Melody & me

I told you about the vintage dress I bought for my friend Melody's wedding. And it worked out really great. A funny thing happened though...when my sister and her husband drove to my house to pick us up, we realized we were wearing the same turquoise color! Our dresses were different -- hers was short; mine was long.

We had a good laugh and joked that it would be hilarious if another girl had the color on. We guessed if it would be anyone, it would be our friend Leila. And guess what? Her dress was a close match in emerald. Hot color of the season!

pregnant guest at wedding

Me, hubs, and our friends Gretchen & Bijan

Eriko, our friend who is due in August, was there wearing an adorable short black sequined dress. We sipped lemonade together and compared bellies. She's having a boy and naming him Louis (pronounced loo-ee). Love it!

I wore my most comfortable high heels and had no foot pain at any time...but I did sit a lot. I talked so much to friends that my jaw hurt by the end of the night.

It was a fantastic wedding even though the day started out rough. I ate something pre-wedding that didn't agree with me and almost didn't think I would make it to the wedding on time. I did. And then when I ate at the wedding, everything was spiced too much and I ended up throwing up. (Shhh...don't tell the bride, I don't want her to feel bad.)

pregnant guest at wedding

Me & my sister Jen

At 16 weeks with twins, I am still having food aversions and things just aren't sitting well in my tummy. The twins like bland foods and Mexican food. Anything that's a spice I normally don't use in my kitchen doesn't stay down.

But like I said...amazing time! Melody is now honeymooning in Italy. I told her to have some Processo for me!

Have you been to a wedding or fancy party when pregnant? How was it?

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