Baby Breathing Monitor: Take It or Leave It?

baby movement monitor

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I got a baby monitor at my baby shower, but I've never used it since I'm wired to be on constant alert (which is another way of saying I don't get any sleep). Some people swear by monitors, like my friend whose first baby died of SIDS. Understandably, she thinks you can never be too careful so she bought the Snuza Halo Baby Monitor, which detects when a baby has stopped breathing. And that's the star of this week's take it or leave it.


Item: Snuza Halo Baby Movement Monitor

Cost: $189

What it does: You clip the monitor onto your baby's diaper and it monitors your baby's every movement. The sensor detects your baby's tummy movement (breathing) and a built-in "vibrating stimulator" gently wakes your baby 15 seconds after movement stops. If there is still no movement after 20 seconds an alarm will sound.

Pros: It doesn't just let you know if your baby is crying, it let's you know if your baby has stopped breathing. It's helpful for co-sleeping twins and multiples.

Cons: You may need another baby monitor or video monitor to make sure you hear it in another room.

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