How I Try to Prevent Stretch Marks


prevent stretch marksLast week I received one of the best gifts a mama-to-be could get -- Earth Mama Body Butter and Natural Stretch Oil from Earth Mama Angel Baby Organics.

I'm freaking out about getting stretch marks. Just today in the bagel shop, a woman told me she was as big as I am right now when she was 7 months. I'm 16 weeks!

I have twins coming and my belly is growing fast, so I need to prep my skin for the growth spurts my babies and I will be having in the coming weeks. They will double their weight and grow inches in the next month.

So I've taken action (besides drinking lots of water) to keep stretch marks at a minimum and help my skin stay hydrated and not itchy! Moisturizing helps keep the elasticity in your skin -- great for growing bellies. Check out my daytime and nighttime belly rub rituals....

For daytime...

After my shower, I use Earth Mama Body Butter ($14.35) on my belly, breasts, and hips when my skin is still slightly wet -- it holds in the moisture best this way. But I don't just slop it on. My husband finds it kind of sexy, and I don't mean it to be, I just rub it in slow and I'm thinking about the babies when I am doing it. Sending them good vibes. It's a shea body butter, all natural of course, that smells really good too, light and clean. Plus it helps keep the itchies away all day.

For nighttime...

prevent stretch marksBefore bed, I use Natural Stretch Oil ($8.95) -- made with plant-based oils calendula and chamomile. It smells so good I might have to make it my signature scent even after pregnancy. Even though it's an oil, it absorbs well and isn't greasy. I slowly rub it in as well -- belly (as I talk or sing to the babies), breasts, hips -- and then I rub any excess on my elbows and arms...just because. I smell so good when I get into bed.

Both of these products are in the Pregnancy Pampering Kit ($39.95), along with Mama-to-Be Tea Sampler (love it!), Happy Feet (herbal foot soak for swollen feet), and Earth Mama Bottom Balm (put it in the fridge for hemorrhoid relief). Ahhh!

All natural, toxin-free great products, made from a mama for mamas -- thank you mama!

How do you keep your growing belly moisturized?

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BatGi... BatGirl1415

I didn't do anything and I didn't get any stretch marks. After my milk came in though, I got a  few little lightly colored stretch marks on my boobs.

I don't think it matters how much magical lotion you rub into your skin. It's all genetics and personal skin type.

rozepyle rozepyle

i got stretchmarks on my love handles and all down the back of my legs, my stomach was untouched and now its nice and flat and stretchmark free, AND my stretch marks are almost gone from a years worth of exfoliating everyday!!!!

ethan... ethans_momma06

I didn't moisturize but I have this to say- Everywhere that I scratched *my breasts, my butt, and my thighes* up popped stretch marks. My belly itched like MAD but because I didn't want stretch marks there- I resisted the scratching.

That being said I DO have one little stretch mark on my belly from where it would rub against the table everytime I would stand up. I'm not sure if there is a correlation....but there sure as heck was for me! Next time no way am I scratching ANYTHING that itches.


Cafe... Cafe Sheri

I got some. Stretch marks are not so bad.

Joyan... JoyandLove

I heard that no creams work on stretch marks.

Cafe... Cafe MicheleZ

IMO not many creams work on stretch marks after you get them, but moisturizing your skin during pregnancy helps with elasticity and helps with the itchies.

athenax3 athenax3

I use Mother's Care during and after pregnancy, plus staying very hydrated is also important in keeping the easticity of your skin- so I drink a lot of water. I'm on my fourth child and only have very light minimal stretch marks on my butt and breasts- nowhere else thank goodness.

I think it is largely genetic, but so are a lot of things that we now know can be curbed or outright prevented with care and knowledge, so a bit of lotion is worth a try in my opinion, lol.

sld28881 sld28881

I am worried about getting stretch marks as well, Besides ordering this stuff online where else can I find it?

nonmember avatar tara mills

I'm generally not a lotion person - it just seems like too much work.

In my second pregnancy I've had some really itchy skin on my belly and breasts and my mother bought me the Made from Earth Aloe & Jojoba Creme Therapy (as posted by MT above) for me to try. It has eliminated my itchy skin (though it returns the next day if I don't use the lotion).

My stretch marks seem to be lighter, but I suppose that's probably due to the fact that they're more moisturized than usual.

The scent is pleasant and the texture is wonderful. It's not greasy or overwhelming in any way, but it is nice and thick. I'm someone who struggles with the decision to buy a $4 bottle of Curel, but I'll absolutely pay $25 for a tube of the Made from Earth Aloe Therapy.

nonmember avatar Twoandahalfkids

I use Blooming Body products ... because I am always itchy, itchy, itchy. I keep the Belly Butter by my bed, rub on boobs, belly and hips ... so far, stretch mark free. Now this time I'm 40 , so who knows ... but so far, soft, smooth and not scratching in public.

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