Lullabub Automatic Crib Rocker: Take It or Leave It?

automatic cradle rocker

Photo from Lullabub

It's time for Take It or Leave It Tuesday, where you weigh in on must-have baby registry items. What's on your list?

Last week, it was a jogging stroller (most moms said they'd pass).

Up now, an automatic cradle rocking device.


Item: Lullabub Automatic Crib Rocker

Cost: $219

What it does: Rocks your baby to sleep so you don't have to. The Lullabub has four modules—you place one under each crib leg and it creates automatic motion. You can choose the rhythm you'd like—mother's womb, mother's heartbeat, a driving car, or a boat on water.

Pros: Helps soothe baby to sleep and allows mom to catch some zzz's as well.

Cons: It's expensive and some moms (and babies) might miss the actual physical contact/bonding time of rocking the baby to sleep.

What do you think?


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