Twin Pregnancy Week by Week: 10, 11 (Sharing the News)

pregnancy week by week 10, 11

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We're joining Kim (aka wntg1grl), a 34-year-old stay-at-home mom of three who's expecting twins, on her exciting journey from bump-to-babies. Check back every week for the latest developments. 

Weeks 10 and 11
What's Happening with Mom:
Last week I had a blood glucose test, drinking the awful orange flavored syrup. I failed! I have never failed one of those, so I went back to drink more disgusting fluid.  This time it was a more intense test.
They drew blood when I got there, then every hour for three hours. I get the results this week to find out if I have gestational diabetes.
I also had the AFP test for Down syndrome, and will see a perinatologist on Friday for a detailed ultrasound. They do all of these tests earlier in a twin pregnancy. The combined results will determine the Down risk.

I have ALL the pregnancy symptoms. Nausea is the big one, but thankfully I'm not vomiting. I'm still on morning sickness drugs, but only as needed every other day or so. I'm also fatigued. A daily nap is a must. When my 19 month old takes one, so do I.

I have a belly, but it's not from the babies. The doctor says it is all of my muscles relaxing, and my uterus is pushing my intestines up and out. I'm sure I'll show earlier with twins, too. I was showing at about 15 weeks with my last pregnancy.

At this point everyone knows the good news. I'm not one to hold anything in. I first shared that I was pregnant. Then, when I found out it was twins, I called everyone again to share the shock! OMG was the most common response, and of course everyone asked, "Do twins run in your family?" Nope.

I told the boys as soon as I found out. Garrin and Casey LOVE their little brother, and were excited to learn they would have another baby. When I told them there are two of them, they both literally fell to the floor and laughed. I must have said "I can't believe it's twins" too many times, because they will come to me and say the same thing. It's very funny how they pick things up.

Am I going to find out the gender? Oh, yes! If it's two more boys (I have three already), I can just relax. If there's a girl in there, I have a lot of preparing to do.

What's Happening with Baby:

Our reproductive organs (ovaries, testicles) are formed, as well as the outside parts the tech will be looking for when you try to find out our genders. Our hearts are pumping blood to all parts of our bodies, and in fact, by the end of this week, all our internal organs are fully formed and running.

Question of the Week from Answers:

When did you tell people you were preggers? -- anonymous

Smrtgrl96x: The second I peed on the stick at work!

shanamarie: We have told our parents and siblings, but that's it. We will wait till my 12 week appointment to tell everyone else.

DesUmana: I waited until I hit my three month mark, since usually the first 12 weeks are the most critical.

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