What's on Your Post-Baby To-Do List?

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Well obviously trying to get some sleep will be on the list. But what else? What have you so been looking forward to doing again when you're no longer pregnant? (I was looking forward to an ice-cold Margarita. And it was good. Real good.) armywife43 asked moms who'd given birth this question over in Answers. Here are a few candid responses.


The questioner herself volunteered that she "had a beer, slept on my stomach, wore regular jeans and shirts, and FINALLY had sex that wasn't uncomfortable!"

sophiafarris was a mommy who had a C-section -- after she recovered, she was psyched to buy jeans with a button and to lay on her tummy.

TeaAndrews said she was happy to walk through tight spaces at home and work that she couldn't get through with the belly.

MaMaMo531 found being able to tie her shoes pretty exciting!

Other responses? Having a cigarette, being able to watch an hour-long show without having to hop up every five minutes to go pee, taking a really hot bath -- and sleeping on the belly, again and again.

What are you looking forward to doing?

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