Is Pregnancy Making Me Dumb?

pregnancy brainI called a trimester a semester the other day. I couldn't remember my work password...something I type in almost every single day. And I had trouble remembering a certain word the other day. Here's the worst: I cannot even remember what word that is right now -- and that is frightening because my husband and I had a good laugh over it.

What is going on?


Pregnancy brain is apparently a symptom mama-to-bes get. Booo to that. I'm hoping my lost brain power is going straight to my babies.

2009newmommy said she popped the door open while test driving a car.

DragonRiderMD must make lists for the grocery store to combat mommy brain.

canadianmom1974 once forgot to rinse the conditioner out of her hair.

Pregnancy fog, as ReneeLRS calls it, is common and a real thing. The increase of hormones can cause forgetfulness according to Blue Cross Blue Shield's website.

Still, I don't like it one bit. And our guest blogger Meredith Rollins told me it gets worse in third trimester. Terrific!

Do you feel forgetful and absentminded during pregnancy?

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