Will I Be Able to Tell My Twins Apart?

telling twins apart

Photo from Loops427

I'm starting to have this new fear -- add it to all the other pregnancy fears I have -- it's that I won't be able to tell my twins apart if they are the same gender.

What if I name them, then start calling them by the other name and not even realize? Will that scar them for life?


I cannot remember where I read this, but someone marked a twin with nail polish on the foot so they knew which one was which. Hmmm....

I'm thinking I could just tattoo one right away so I know who is who. I'm absolutely kidding of course. I would never...at least not until they can speak and I can ask them if it's OK with them. Jokes again.

I've also heard that I will just know Twin A from Twin B -- you know the expression: A mother knows.

But what if I don't?!

Are you having twins? Is this a concern of yours? Know any tips moms of twins have done?

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