Baby Shower Idea: Use Clothespins

clothespin baby shower

Photo from Project Nursery

Cafe Kim went to a baby shower that feaured this theme -- she showed me the idea illustrated on Project Nursey and I love it. A clothespin baby shower! Perfect for an outdoor party.


I worked clothespins into my sister's baby shower, too. I made the guest favors out of baby socks stuffed with potpourri and tied a pink ribbon around the socks to hold scent in. I strung clothes line in my sister's yard and pinned the socks with pink painted clothespins that had baby's name and shower date on it. I thought it was pretty clever.

But this idea takes the whole clothespin theme up a notch.

Guests can bring unwrapped baby clothes -- also bibs and blankets, things that can fit on a clothesline -- and display them at the shower for all to see.

Ideal Bite's editor wrote about a display baby shower she attended. It's eco-friendly because the guests don't wrap the gifts -- why waste all that paper? This idea is the perfect fit.

Love love love it!

OK, who wants a clothespin baby shower now? Show of hands....

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