Harem Pants: Would You Ever?

harem pantsGuest blog from Lucky magazine editor and CafeMom Meredith Rollins. She has a two-year-old son and is pregnant with her second, due in September.

Harem pants are a huge spring/summer trend. But let's be honest: They're a little on the terrifying side of the fashion spectrum.

It takes a certain amount of confidence to carry them off in the best of circumstances. Ninety percent of CafeMoms said harem pants are a don't. But ten percent said it depends.

Here's what I would argue: When you're pregnant, you can get away with them.


Your body shape is already a little strange. You have a ton to feel confident about (you're making a baby, for crying out loud!). So why not take an out-there, envelope-pushing style risk? At least this is what I told myself when I bought these black pants from Express.

They're a modified harem pant -- not too big, not too crazy. They have a wide, stretchy waistband that fits over my pregnant belly, no problem, and they also have a nice, narrow hem which makes your calves look slim. They're insanely comfortable.

They look super cute with a simple tank top and gladiator sandals. And they're currently on sale for $7.99, plus an extra 20 percent off -- practically free!

I love them; the women in my office love them. So what if my husband starts singing Can't Touch This whenever he sees me? What does he know, anyway?

So...would you ever, ever wear harem pants? 

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