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tea for pregnancy

Photo from Earth Mama Angel Baby

Nausea? Check. Heartburn? Yep. Crazy mind, can't sleep, crazy dreams? Oh yes.

Sigh. Pregnancy is supposed to be beautiful. And yes, it absolutely is. But I would get to enjoy it a bit more if this mama was a little happier.

How about a cup of tea to the rescue?

I'm sitting here typing and sipping on Earth Mama Angel Baby Organics' Mama-to-Be Tea Sampler's Morning Wellness. It's an organic herbal caffeine-free tea great to ease nausea and safe to drink, with a light blend of organic ginger, spearmint, chamomile, orange, lemon, and peppermint -- very soothing and smooth. Yum!

In this 16 tea bag sampler ($5.07 on sale now), there is also Peaceful Mama Tea made with lemon, chamomile, red raspberry, oatstraw, and orange to help ease your mind and have a good night's sleep. Heartburn Tea will bring some needed relief with marshmallow, spearmint, chamomile, and more in the blend. And the Third Trimester Tea, with rosehips, alfalfa, and other organic herbs nurtures you in your final months of pregnancy.

What I love about Earth Mama Angel Baby, beside the great name, is that it was founded by a mama who is also a nurse and herbalist. You can also buy the teas separately.

I also have to say, there is nothing like a hot cup of tea when I'm feeling cranky.

What do you think? Tea to the rescue?

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hillmom hillmom

It sounds very good. My midwife already has me on a tea, read raspberry leaf and mint tea. Very good and like the one you are drinking it helps with nausea, full of vitamins and minerals, plus is recorded to help prepare the uterus for delivery, reduce labor pain and speed up delivery (when brewed strong during labor).

I still might give that one a try too!

auror... aurorabunny

I am so head over heels in love with EMAB that it's not even funny.  Their products are top notch! I've never tried their teas but their lotions and soaps are amazing.

erica... erica243446

where can yu find it ?

giggl... giggles30

It sounds good...I have to go and some tomorrow...

Danie... Daniele23

I've seen it at babies r us

Cafe... Cafe MicheleZ

If you click on the link in the article -- Earth Mama Angel Baby -- it will take you to site where you can purchase online or find a store near you.

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