Amusement Park Rides and Pregnancy: Is it Safe?

amusement parks and pregnancySummer is officially here and moms just want to have fun—so do moms-to-be. Can you add going to an amusement park to your list of pregnancy-safe summer activities?


You can certainly go to an amusement park. My friend (pregnant with twins) just brought her three-year-old to Disney World and they had a great time.

The real question is: Can you go on the rides?

The Pregnancy Health Guru says this, via Marsha Silberstein, M.D.:

"If you choose to go to an amusement park while you’re pregnant, you may find that you have quite a few limitations. Although most rides are not a good idea, there are some, like bumper cars, that are particularly dangerous when you’re expecting. Repeat collisions against the steering wheel could result in bleeding or placental abruption, making a bumper car ride dangerous indeed."

The bottom line: Go to the amusement park. Skip the rides.

What do you think? Would you go on an amusement park ride while pregnant? Which one?


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