My Boobs & 9 Other Things I Love About Being Pregnant

love about being pregnant

Aww my hubs is so sweet!

There are things I really miss during pregnancy -- margaritas, sex, and my ankles are a few -- but there are some really great benefits besides the fact that I am going to be a mom to twins soon.

Here's my top 10 list of things I love most about being pregnant:

  1. My baby bump. It's nice to not have to worry about wearing Spanx or holding in my tummy in a form fitting top. Touch my stomach when I'm not preggers and I will kill you. Touch baby belly now and we're cool -- as long as you aren't a stranger.
  2. My husband is doing all the cooking and cleaning
  3. Friends tell me I am glowing and look beautiful. This is certainly nice to hear especially on those days where I am feeling like the glow is from sweating too much.
  4. My hubs and I have created life! I have two miracles who will become people in my womb. This will be the best thing I will have ever done, right up there with marrying my husband.
  5. My boobs. Wow! Wow!
  6. No periods!
  7. Taking naps. I've always loved a good nap, but my husband would complain. Now when I need to nap he gets me a pillow, turns the lights down, and tucks me in.
  8. I don't have to change the cat litter box.
  9. I can cry at anything and not make up an excuse for my emotions.
  10. Playing the guessing game with my husband. What will our babies look like? What names will we choose? We say things like I hope they have your nose or have lips like you...we daydream together and that sure is fun.

What do you love most about being pregnant?

the pregnant life


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Peajewel Peajewel

I think you hit them all!  Gosh listening to you makes me want to have another one!  :)  AND you are beautiful I am sure you always glow!  Great shot of you and your hubby too!

RanaA... RanaAurora

Not having to worry about my tummy sticking out was gret.
Not having a period was godly (and since I'm exclusively, on demand breastfeeding, I shouldn't see it again for awhile anyway, after the postpartum bleeding stops!  Whoo!).
And boobs, totally.

MoM.i.aM MoM.i.aM

Man I wish my Dh was like yours!

ethan... ethans_momma06

I loved feeling the life inside of me. It was such a treasure and while I love that I get to feel his sweet hugs, and hold his little hands, I will never forget what that felt like.

I loved my belly bump. It was cute, and I loved when people touched it!

Food. The food was nice as well. Especially when I got to give into a craving...ummm yummy!

ladyb... ladybug3803

Ugh! I hated when ppl touched my belly!

But what I loved was: everybody going out of their way for you.
                                       how much my hair grew.

amyma... amymarnette

It's been almost five years since is was pregnant and i have to agree that I miss all the things above. I also miss my husband rubbing lotion on my belly nightly. I miss the kicking in my belly. I miss the hiccups almost everyday during the last few months. I miss being proud to carry around a belly that everyone admires.And much more...i loved being pregnant.


Firew... FireworksMama

I love the baby kicking. I well remember with my son that in the last two months or so the kicking was no longer that much fun, since it hurt, but the flutters now are a wonderful reminder of that life inside. I want her to get a little stronger so that her daddy and brother can feel the kicks, but I do dread the time when her kicks will shock my kidneys and rock my bladder!

savan... savannahann24

I love my body I was real thin before I weigh 117 now I have always had big boobs but my new curves is awesome I feel more sensual and soft,I feel beautiful my hair is at my hips and is so shiny and fuller it seems.My glow, I get complimented on my glow more than any thing I really don't see it though,most of all the feeling of life in me it is so strong and i have  a great outlook on life everything about me has changed i am so scared i will lose all the love i feel! I am filled with love i notice the simple pleasures in life so much more. my flower garden everything is alive! i love being pregnant! I have had no morning sickness the entire time! very lucky, my fiance we are so much more close now i catch him just starring at me when i am cooking or doing laundry he says he is just awe stuck by how beautiful i am and it feels so good to see the love in his eyes and the touch is full of love! Being pregnant has been a wonderful experience for me!angel mini

NAldi... NAldinger

I love all those things you mentioned about being pregnant. 

-I'll add the strengthening of my fingernails, they're like LARGE TALONS!
-Coworkers are offering to carry the bottled water to a meeting for me.
-The checkups are amongst my favorite things (minus the poking and proding), I enjoy hearing the heart dopplar. :)

mmmom... mmmommy0207

The obscene boobs are nice. (but finding bras to contain them!) I love feeling the baby trying to kick his way out! I enjoy how excited his sibs are to meet him, they are already in love. Hearing the heartbeat at every appt. Not having to carry groceries into the house. Heck, not having to carry anything! Being justified in whatever sounds good to eat.

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