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Moms love to talk about their birth stories -- and, I have to say, I love hearing them, too. renee20 posted this question in Answers: "Where were you when you went into labor?" She was induced with both of her pregnancies, and was craving the drama of a middle of the night, mad dash to the hospital delivery.


I can totally relate -- I was induced, too. Here are some moms who had things go a different way:

ferdo0204 delivered two and a half weeks early -- she did go into labor in the middle of the night and didn't have time for the epidural when she got to the hospital.

Freela was at home when she went into labor all three times -- with two deliveries, contractions got underway in the middle of the night, and with the third, things got moving at 7am. Babies two and three were "very short labors," she says, "so it really was, 'surprise!' now you have a baby!"

Nika75 had a great experience -- she was supposed to be induced but then her water broke. She went to the hospital but wasn't having contractions, so ended up getting Pitocin. "Labor was a breeze," she says. "Seriously the moment contractions actually started hurting, I got my epidural and didn't feel a thing after."

For more, check out more of the repsonses to the original question or the Birth Stories group (it's private, so you'll have to join.)

If you've given birth before, what was your story like? Dramatic? Fast? Easy? Tell us in the comments below!

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