My Vagina & 9 Other Things I Miss Most During Pregnancy

miss most during pregnancy

Make mine a virgin. Who wants one?

I'm not one of those happy, smiley, everything is the best in the world kind of pregnant ladies. Not that there is anything wrong with being one -- it's just not me. Not yet.

Maybe in a week or two when I am into my second trimester, but I've been a pukey, pimply, cranky mess. Ah yes, a pukey, pimply, cranky, scared mama-to-be mess who is really happy to be pregnant. As you know, if you read this blog.

The other night, at about 3:34am, after getting up to pee and not being able to fall back asleep, I tossed and turned thinking about the things I miss most during pregnancy.

I know...I should shut off the brain and try to sleep. But it thinks without me! I try -- I even count sheep!

So here's my top 10 most missed things....

  1. Margaritas. I never even knew I liked tequila so much! I'm not a lush -- maybe it's because it's summer and it's fruitlicious. But, here are some mocktail recipes.
  2. My ankles. They barely exist anymore.
  3. Sex. I've been too nauseous to have it, yet I really want to have it!
  4. Bikini waxes. I don't like hair down there. Now I have hair everywhere and shaving isn't my thing. I shave, but it's not the same as waxing.
  5. My vagina. See 3 and 4.
  6. Sushi. Not that I was that adventurous, but I loved me a spicy crunchy tuna roll. Sure, I'm doing the AAC roll (avocado, asparagus, cucumber), but, again, it's not the same.
  7. Coffee. Ooh that second and third cup I used to have in the mornings or that mid-day cup of joe -- caffeine fixes were once my addiction. Now I'm addicted to wearing my Sea Bands.
  8. Staying up after 9:30pm. To think I used to go out until 2am sounds so crazy to me. Now that's when I get up for my first pee of the night.
  9. Riding my bike and rollerskating. I bought new rollerskates last year, but can't lace up and I love riding my bike around the park. Have to wait until next year when I'll be riding and rolling off the baby weight.
  10. Jeans. I wore jeans probably 300 days out of the year. I can't fit in mine and don't want to invest in maternity jeans just yet.

Don't worry. I'm not all gloom and doom. I have a list of things I love the most about pregnancy coming tomorrow.

What are the things you miss most during pregnancy?

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