Genetic Testing Kit, Designer Baby: Links I Love

Genetic Testing

Photo by 23andMe

Thanks to the today's science and technology, parents can know practically what their child looks like before they're born (sometimes even going as far as designing their own baby). Here are some genetic links I found interesting:


With the #399 pricetag, I'd personally rather wait and see, but this genetic testing kit goes as far as revealing the genetic likelihood of hair color, eye color, etc. — Lil Sugar

Is your child destined to be an all-star quarterback or would he be better at swimming? Apparently, you can find out with this genetic test. — Parent Dish

Want a blonde hair, blue-eyed babe that's funny? You can design your baby through inheritable genetic modification. — Baby Buzz

Sometimes I get stressed out easily, and, according to this article, my poor kids are destined to share this personality trait. — Cookie

Other than for health benefits, would you try any of these genetic tests?

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