The Issue of Naming Your Baby

issue of naming your baby

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My husband and I had a name for a boy that we've loved even before we got married. It's a palindrome -- a word that can be read the same way frontwards or backwards. I'm not telling you the name because people can be mean and at mention of this name in other arenas the response is sometimes less than favorable. It's one of those names you love or hate. And it's not off the table for us, so....

Anyway, with twins on the way my husband is convinced it's two boys. So the name is being thrown around again. But here's the thing...we learned about a man who has the same name -- he is my husband's college sweetheart's husband. 

Are you following me?


And he's a ventriloquist. Which is besides the point, but I'm throwing that in for effect.

So now my hubs and I are unsure. Names do carry personality if attached to people in our lives in some way. For example, the name Heather is a beautiful name, but I had three ex-boyfriends who dated Heathers before me, so I would never name my child that since I have that association. I also love the name Parker, but that was the last name of an ex of mine.

It gets complicated.

Have you ever had to avoid a name because of association?

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