Pregnant & Going to a Wedding

pregnant and going to a wedding

Photo from Sailor Pink Vintage

I've talked about my friend Melody before -- she's supermodel gorgeous and is getting married on July 10th! (I made her famous by showing her ugly sweater party outfit.)

I couldn't be more excited for her. I've fantasized about what I would wear to her wedding since her engagement. She wants it to be Hollywood glam, everyone dressed up, super stylish, if not slightly outrageous.

All of this I was really into, until now. I will be 15 weeks pregnant with twins -- I'm showing a lot -- and well it's July in's HOT. And I'm a sweaty pregnant lady. Plus my ankles are tree trunks and I'm so cranky about what to wear.


Guest blogger and Lucky editor Meredith offered up this really pretty white dress to wear to a wedding. But with Melody's theme, it's not going to work.

So instead of spending $400 dress from Foley + Corinna (which I really wanted to do originally -- they have the most amazing dresses), I went vintage.

hair feather

Photo from Forever 21

I bought this 70s Teal Town Dress for $40 from Sailor Pink Vintage. It has room for my baby bump and will hide my cankles. And it isn't black like all my other fancy dresses! Yay!

I'm going to wear it with either my fancy gold wedge sandals or these Miu Miu shoes I scored from my friend Leila at my swap party. They are strappy and are a faux snakeskin teal and black combo.

I may even wear a big flower with feathers in my hair. I bought something like this (seen at right) from Forever 21 for about $5 and love it.

Anyone else pregnant and going to a wedding? What are you wearing?

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