Things You Must Do When Pregnant

things you must do when pregnant

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You know the saying: Hindsight is always 20/20. Which is why this list of things moms wish they had done differently when pregnant is like gold to those of us who are moms-to-be right now.

Do I want my babies to know they had me nauseous every day of the first trimester, and still into the second? Maybe not every detail. But it's a once in a lifetime experience and some want to remember.

My sister, who has a two year old, says she sometimes misses being pregnant with her daughter. Not sure if I am going to feel the same way -- it's been a rough go for me so far -- but I still want the memories.

Here are some things to do when pregnant....


  • Take belly shots. Sure, it's easy to feel too yucky to be in a photo, but that's what those photo editing sites are for! I use Picnik -- it can make anyone look good. I took pinup style ones and overexposed the image so it looks artsy. Love it!
  • Take time to enjoy the pregnancy. I've been a cranky pregnant lady so far (nausea, pimples, heartburn, you name it), but I'm trying to enjoy it more and also rub my belly and tell my babies I love them. That instantly makes me feel happy.
  • Eat better. I read that even though you are pregnant, you aren't really eating for two. Yes, you are eating a bit more (about 300 calories more is recommended) and also trying to make healthier choices, but gaining too much weight isn't good for the baby or you.
  • Keep a pregnancy journal. I started a blog and I also write a lot here on CafeMom. Take some time each night to write in a notebook or even in a Journal post.
  • Seek out information beforehand. Lots of moms wish they had known more about breastfeeding so they were better prepared. Knowledge in a lot of parenting areas are good, too. It decreases stress as does a strong support system -- like CafeMom!

Special thanks to all the moms in the Stay at Home Moms group (private, must be member to view) who shared their thoughts!

Have anything else to add? Please share!

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jessi... jessidoula

Get a doula would be a good one to add. With the rising c-section rates and induction rates you need everyone in your ball park that you can get.

jagrus jagrus

I wish I had done a belly cast.

sstepph sstepph

I wish I would have done a belly cast & wrote everything down. I did write things down on my calendar like every appt, 1st kick, 1st hearbeat.. I will do better when I have our 2nd ;)

athenax3 athenax3

I always tell pregnant women, especially those with their first- SLEEP, sleep deep, sleep sound, sleep as much as you can stand or get away with- to me sleep has never been the same after I had my first child (now almost 16) and ohhh, how I wish I had appreciated and cherished it when I could sleep of a woman not subliminally constantly in a state of worry for her offspring, lol...once you become a mother, your mind never seems to LET IT GO!!! not only that, but suddenly even though you used to sleep as if in a coma- once you have children, every noise or movement wakes you-"did I hear the baby?" omg- so my advice is SLEEP>....

Katie... KatieFlower

definitely take pics. i only have 1 pic from my last pregnancy and i treasure it. i am 32 weeks, andi am goiing o take more when i get really big so i can remember what i looked like (this is my last pregnancy i'm planning)

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