Bumbo Baby Seat: Take It or Leave It?

bumpo baby seat

Photo from Baby Earth

When my baby was a few months old, a friend offered to loan me her Bumbo Baby Seat. She swore it would help my baby sit up faster. I declined her offer. I wasn't in any rush for my baby to sit up or reach any of her other milestones. I knew she'd get there in her own sweet time.

Since then, I've been to three baby showers and all three of the women registered for a Bumbo so it seems to be a pretty hot commodity. I'm still not sold.


Item: Bumbo Baby Seat

Cost: $38.95

What it does: The Bumpo supports your baby so she can sit up independently. It's made for babies ages 3 months to about 14 months depending on the child's development.

Pros: It's lightweight, portable, and easy to clean. It's a place to sit your baby while you get things done.

Cons: Big babies may have a hard time fitting it, there are no straps and some babies lean forward, it's expensive.

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