What is Back Labor?

back laborCafeMom Julie522 asked a good question in the Advice for Moms group. She wanted to know what is back labor?

At the time of her question, she was 38 weeks pregnant and experiencing sharp lower back pain.


Back labor happens when the baby's head puts pressure on your back, causing pain. Some women feel it during contractions.

Mama040609 had it when she was in labor.

Dr. Roger W. Harms, obstetrician from The Mayo Clinic, says that back labor can also occur if the baby is in an awkward position when he or she enters the birth canal. Some women, though, feel more pain in their back during labor and delivery.

Aside from getting an epidural, Harms suggests three natural ways to help back labor pains.

  • changing positions
  • getting a back rub
  • warm water spray from shower
  • applying hot or cold packs to your lower back

Have you heard of back labor before?


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