Would You Henna Your Belly?

pregnant henna belly

Photo from Casting Keepsakes

Some people do the belly cast, but I really want to do the henna belly. I have tattoos, but none on my tummy. My friend Jenny has a large tattoo on her belly and I have to say it looked beautiful even as her baby grew. And it still looks good even after -- she moisturized...a lot.

I found this chemical-free, all natural Pregnancy Henna Art Kit ($21.95) that I really want. Think about how great the belly shots will look?


My husband thinks it's kind of weird, but I'm into it. I love henna art -- I have a henna-inspired tattoo on my right forearm. People wonder if it's real because it's the same color as henna.

What I also like about henna is that when used during pregnancy, this ancient practice is said to be soothing and calming, and is believed to help bring about an easy birth and healthy child.

This kit is natural, but be sure to check ingredients if using another kit or going to a henna artist. Only natural henna, sugar, lemon juice, and lavender oil are recommended for use during pregnancy. Avoid if you are anemic and if you have any concerns, of course, ask your doctor first.

Would you henna your belly?

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