Were You Uncomfortable When You Bought a Pregnancy Test?

uncomfortable buying pregnancy test

Photo from First Response

Between last year and until March this year, I had bought so many pregnancy tests I should have taken stock in First Response. And even though I am a full grown woman, I always felt weird in the pregnancy test aisle. Silly, I know, but it's the same thing as buying tampons or maxi pads. Kind of embarrassing.


llmom1921 brought up this subject in The Newcomers Club and felt the same way when a young kid was trying not to laugh as he rang up her Midol, tampons, and toilet paper.

AMarineLovesMe's story made me giggle. "A few months back I bought an ovulation tracker, pregnancy tests, and two thongs along with my groceries," she wrote. "After scanning the first items, [the clerk] grabbed the whipped cream and the bananas -- we both about died laughing!"

The worst is when you purchase and the bag is see-through. I don't need everyone on the NYC subway system to know my business. So I would always buy something else even if I didn't really need it. Loofah, shampoo, soap...put the pregnancy test in the middle of the bag to hide it. 

Another funny thing...Cafe Cynthia's funny article on what you did when you were waiting those few minutes for the results of the pregnancy test? For me the positive line showed up right away. Then I left the room, poured myself a water, and stared at the clock until it was officially time.

Were you uncomfortable when you bought a pregnancy test? Did you buy other things to hide it in the bag like I did?

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