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Photo from Mommy Measure

Are you one of those pregnant ladies who wants to document everything? I am! The Mommy Measure is a must-have for me.

There are two kinds of us, right? The ones who save everything and the ones who still haven't even organized their wedding album six years later. (Ahem, my sister.) But something happens to even the ladies like my sis when they become moms -- you want to save everything having to do with baby.

Yes, I am a pregnant pack rat -- I still have the positive home pregnancy test in my medicine cabinet. Is that weird? Don't answer that. So you get why Mommy Measure is my new favorite thing to "play" with each week.


mommy measureI can record how big my baby bump is getting and also include other milestones like my feelings (tried to be positive since one day the kids will read it), the baby's heartbeat, how we are preparing for the arrival, and whatever else I feel like writing down.The Mommy Measure is made of a study, yet soft, vinyl, so you can't rip it.

What's also great is the Mommy Measure was created by parents Pam and Kevin. They were recording their first pregnancy with toilet paper, ribbon, measuring tape, and a note pad. You can imagine how that held up. They wanted to make something better, but then baby was born and the invention was put on the back burner. Next baby number two came along -- and Mommy Measure was born, too. It can be used to compare pregnancies as well.

Makes a great shower gift and it's just $14.99 -- comes in blue, green, or pink. Get yours here.

Have you been documenting your pregnancy? With photos? Mommy Measure? Share!

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