Strange Dreams During Pregnancy

strange pregnancy dreamsI've always had strange dreams, but they seem to be getting stranger now that I am pregnant.

The other night I had an odd one -- I was at my parents house in the middle of the night we all woke up because a car was doing donuts outside. The phone rang and it was the kid who was driving that car's mom. She kept asking me for Steve. I was afraid the car was going to drive into the house. Weird. 

I've also been having some sexual dreams.


In these sex dreams, I have no idea what I was doing but I wake up really turned on like something super sexy was happening. I know we can sometimes feel more sexual during our second trimester, but in our sleep? Kinky. I like it. So does my husband.

CafeMom klg25 is also having very vivid dreams and asked other mamas-to-be about it in the Pregnancy group.

eeyoremom84 had some incredible sounding dreams. She had one where a gorilla ate her cat and another where one of the doctors from Grey's Anatomy delivered one of her babies and then she walked down the hall to go to the bathroom and delivered another in the toilet.

Have you had strange pregnancy dreams? Share!

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