Dating When Pregnant


dating when pregnantSingle moms date. But what about single and pregnant moms-to-be dating?

I know a woman who dated when she was pregnant. She is successful, smart, and beautiful. While I don't know all the details of her story, I do know when she was pregnant with her twins she was single...and dating.

We live in NYC and it's hard enough to date here when you are 21 and drop-dead gorgeous. Well, she managed to do it while pregnant, and showing, and in her 30s -- all while supporting herself and managing a high profile, high level career. 

She's my hero because she shows that women can do it all. 

Her kids are now teens and she is happily married.

What do you think of single pregnant woman dating?

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dorki... dorkish_face

I think nothings wrong with it, as long as she's safe, and is keep her baby(s) safe as well.  I am a single pregnant woman, who is a dating someone currently, and  I dont see anything wrong with it.  I'm still focused and devoted to my child first and then my SO later. :)

Squea... Squeakette

I had trouble at first, being pregnant and dating. Guys would talk to me, I'd start to like them, and then they'd think I was way too much commitment for them and wander to the next single young lady. However, now I have a pretty goodf relationship and we met when I was 6 months pregnant, so there's still hope for us pregnant single mommies to be. =)

Emmy_... Emmy_Dollface

I met my now husband when I was 5 months pregnant! So it can work, and work well! My ex husband left after 3 months of being married/pregnant because he was abusive and Daniel was just what I needed in my life.

Proud... ProudMami2008

I met my so when I was 6 months pregnant. He had just gotten out of a divorce a year prior, and we were both really lonely and just needed someone to talk to. Then we fell in love and have been together ever since. I moved in with the baby too in April, and my son is now almost a year old. My so loves my son like his own.

snglt... sngltiff1969

Im currently 16 weeks pregnant, and single.  The father was pretty young and wanted nothing to do with the baby.  I have been on a couple of dates and really like the guy I just met.   I was honest about my pregnancy to him ( Althought its winter time and I was covering up the baby bump pretty well on the first date) and he accepts  it.  He even said he thinks pregnant girls are sexy! LOL  Just becasue a woman is carrying life in her womb, doesnt mean she stops being a woman in other capacities.  I have needs and wants just like any girl.  I think pregnant dating is perfectly fine!

elleinad elleinad

Done it. Met my now SO while pregnant. Best choice ever. I'm so glad neither of us waited until life became "uncomplicated," as we would have missed out on some really amazing things together.

Gene Gibas

I live in Michigan and I am a single divorced dad of a awesome 12yr. old girl, i allways wanted more kids but it was'nt in the cards, so i woud love to date a women who is pregnant.I find pregnant wome beautiful.

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