Weekly Pregnancy Calendar: Week 38

weekly pregnancy calendar week 38

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We're following a first-time pregnant mom, Brittany (bam61907), on her exciting journey from bump to baby. Check back every Wednesday for the latest developments!

Week 38
What's Happening with Mom:

I'm going to be induced next week!

You probably want the whole story, so here goes:

As you know, I've been having bouts of high blood pressure lately, and my doctors have been worried about pre-eclampsia, but so far all my urine tests have come back negative. Yesterday at my weekly appointment, my pressure was dangerously high both times they checked me. They demanded I go to Labor and Delivery for monitoring and testing. I didn't want to go through that again, only to be released later, but they couldn't send me home.

I am still only 1 centimeter dilated, but I am now 65 to 70 percent effaced. So I went for monitoring, blood work, and urine samples. They released me, but said if anything comes back positive I'd have to turn right back around. I also had to give them another 24-hour urine collection to test for pre-eclampsia, which puts the baby at great risk and could still appear at any time. I dropped off a note at my work to say I wouldn't be in today. At least I will be off on my 2 year wedding anniversary!

Later in the day, the doctor called and left a message: Because my blood pressure has been see-sawing for two weeks in a row, would I feel comfortable being induced on July 1 at my 39 week mark? I called him back right away and agreed.

I need to go in for some tests this week or early next to make sure Aubrey is ready to make her appearance, and if she is, I will call on the labor desk at 6 a.m. next Wednesday to see when they'd like me to come in.

So Aubrey should finally be here July 1 or July 2, depending on how long it takes the medicine to work.

I am so excited!

What's Happening with Baby:

I'm 20 inches long and 7.5 pounds, and looking more like a baby every day. My lanugo and vernix caseosa, the protective coverings, are nearly gone, and my skin is almost baby smooth. Since I'm fully cooked now, and my main job now is to gain weight, which I'll continue to do till I meet you next week, Mom!

Question of the Week from Answers:

Should I be scared about being induced? -- anonymous

NoJo: I was induced a week early because I had gestational diabetes. I didn't feel any of my contractions until they broke my water. Then they got intense and painful pretty quickly. I don't think they were more painful than regular labor but they came on much quicker. I had the baby within seven hours.

2ndtimemomat30: If they use pitocin to induce, it does make your contractions a lot more painful. I didn't want an epidural going into labor and ended up getting one because the contractions were a lot more painful than my first pregnancy. I would definately consider an epidural if they use pitocin. One good thing was it helped me dilate faster.

HelenStoner: I have to agree with the other ladies. It hurts, can't hide that. But it is brief and once you see that little person in your arms, you will forget all about it. No matter how bad it is or could be, it will all be worth it.

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