Is Oral Sex Safe During Pregnancy?

oral sex pregnantOne of the things I remember my sister telling me when she got pregnant a few years ago is that cunnilingus could be dangerous when you are pregnant. I had never heard of this before -- not that I googled oral sex and pregnancy -- so we looked into it more.


Turns out that if your partner is giving you oral sex when you are pregnant and blows air into your vagina, this could cause an embolism, which is air getting into your blood stream. This air could be life-threatening to you and the baby. I am not one to like air being blown into my vagina, nor has my husband tried that, so I'm not that worried. But that was scary enough for my sister not to want to have oral sex at all. And it does have my husband a little overly concerned.

For me, I don't want oral sex because I haven't had a bikini wax in far too long.

But we really shouldn't be alarmed. First time parents here -- worried about everything. Licking is fine. Just keep the kinky wind tunnel type oral sex stuff out of the bedroom during this time. 

Are you concerned about getting oral sex when pregnant?

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