High Trans Fats Intake Linked to Miscarriage

OK, OK, we know -- trans fats are evil. But new research suggests that a diet high in trans fats might actually be linked to miscarriage. The bad fats are found in processed foods (frozen, packaged, and some fast foods are common culprits) that contain partially hydrogenated oils. Do you find yourself scanning for it on labels at the grocery store?


It's hard (and kind of unrealistic) to make healthy choices 100 percent of the time, but if you're pregnant, of course you're trying to do your best. You'll get some great ideas from my friend Cafe Kristen over in Healthy Living Buzz. And you might also get some good tips in the Green Organic Natural Simple Living group (it's a private group, so you'll need to join.)

Diet aside, lowering your stress level can help improve your health and attitude -- check out Yoga Mamas if you're thinking of giving that practice a try, or if you already are.

What changes -- little or big -- are you making to try to lead a healthier, more balanced life?

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