Sex in the Second Trimester

sex in second trimesterBetween the nausea, excess pimples, and my hormones in a spin, sex in the first trimester of my pregnancy hasn't been happening much. Though I have been having some crazy sex dreams. (But that's a whole other story.)

The good news is I've been hearing that it's the second trimester where you start feeling really frisky again. One more week to go for me!


When you are pregnant, there is more blood flowing all around -- and that means around your genitals, too, increasing sensations down there. And after 13 weeks of pregnancy, there's lots of blood flowing, plus all those first trimester issues should be going away.

I was reading in one of my pregnancy books that some women may experience some cramping after orgasm, but that should subside within a few minutes. Of course, if anything concerns you about sex when you are pregnant, it's always best to discuss with your doctor.

Have you felt an increase in your sex drive once you entered your second trimester?

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