Ways to Boost Fertility When Trying to Conceive



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It can be easy to take making babies for granted -- we're women, we're supposed to be able to do this, right? Um, yeah, not always.

A woman ready to be a mama in Answers wondered how long a couple needs to wait before seeing a fertility specialist -- she's been trying for eight months. Some helpful moms pointed out that it's typically a year. But what can you be doing in the mean time, on your own, to boost fertility and increase your odds of getting pregnant?

Moms in Answers volunteered that they'd heard or read that FertilityBlend, red raspberry leaf tea, and evening primrose oil might help. (You should of course consult with your family doctor or gynecologist about the best healthy strategies for you.) And there's a great slideshow over at Parents.com on 10 ways to up your fertility.

If you're willing to share, have you experienced difficulty conceiving? And if so, what have you done about it? Are you considering seeing a fertility specialist?

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JayGi... JayGirlsMom

we started seeing a specialist after about a year of trying. I was then diagnosed with stage 4 endometriosis. and unable to get pregnant. and not a good candidate for any infertility treatments, so we gladly closed the door on that side of things, and began our adoption journey at that time!  the end goal is to be a parent! not to be pregnant.  and sometimes you just have to remember that. =-)

Cafe... Cafe Sheri

A friend of mine had trouble conceiving (for 5 years!) and got a few treatments of acupuncture and BLAM! Pregnant! We welcomed her baby boy in August.

momio... momioftwinz

I had a perfect twin pregnancy. Then I was pregnant again after THREE YEARS of trying and then I had a miscarriage. This topic has actually been on my mind for a long time.

lrm583 lrm583

I have two children, but it took a year of trying for our daughter and then three years of for our son.  Our second experience was much harder.  We went to a RE, discovered that we were dealing with severe male factor.  We conceived after four ICSI cycles, using Humegon, and I had a herbal regimen that I am convinced helped -- it included Raspberry Leaf, B-6, and flaxseed oil.  I am drawing a blank on the rest of my herbal supplements, but if anyone is interested, I will try to dig out my "formula."  At the time, 10 years ago, the bible for infertility was Toni Weschler's "Taking Charge of Your Fertility," a handbook for getting pregnant. 

I also can't recommend enough getting online support.  I joined alt-pregnancy, and then we made an offshoot group called ONNA - Oh No, Not Again (getting our period).  I found infertility to be one of the most difficult and isolating and painful times I've ever gone through. 

Cafe... Cafe Melisa

Thanks you so much for sharing these helpful and encouraging details -- truly wonderful.

Amy_P... Amy_Plus_One

I drank FertiliTea, took a prenatal vit, and b complex 50... and hubby took a multivitamin, vit c, zinc and bee pollen. I also charted my BBT to learn about my cycle. I used the free tools at Fertilityfriend to track it online. Luckily we didn't have to TTC for very long. We were preg in 5 months of going off the pill. Good luck mamas! *Babydust*

peanu... peanut081981

I've been trying for six years, this year. I've taken fertility drugs, but that's as far as we've gone, do to money and insurance issues. Two miscarriages... still nothing.

nonmember avatar Jasmine

I got pregnant after 3 months of trying&miscarried the baby 6 weeks into the pregnancy.I then found out I have abnormal cervical cells...I am worried this could lead to infertility...and I want nothing more than to be a mother.Thank you all for sharing your experiences&methods!After we get the "ok" to try,we will start using them :)

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