Ways to Boost Fertility When Trying to Conceive


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It can be easy to take making babies for granted -- we're women, we're supposed to be able to do this, right? Um, yeah, not always.

A woman ready to be a mama in Answers wondered how long a couple needs to wait before seeing a fertility specialist -- she's been trying for eight months. Some helpful moms pointed out that it's typically a year. But what can you be doing in the mean time, on your own, to boost fertility and increase your odds of getting pregnant?


Moms in Answers volunteered that they'd heard or read that FertilityBlend, red raspberry leaf tea, and evening primrose oil might help. (You should of course consult with your family doctor or gynecologist about the best healthy strategies for you.) And there's a great slideshow over at Parents.com on 10 ways to up your fertility.

If you're willing to share, have you experienced difficulty conceiving? And if so, what have you done about it? Are you considering seeing a fertility specialist?

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