Gardening: Is it Safe?


gardening while pregnant is it safe

Photo by Peajewel

It's summer so you probably want to spend a lot more time outdoors, which is pefectly fine as long as you take care of your pregnant self in hot weather. And if you want to take care of your lawn and garden that's okay too, as long as you follow these safety tips.


No one knows for sure if "normal" exposure to pesticides poses a risk to your baby, but studies do suggest that exposure to larger quantities (living near a farm, for example) do harm the fetus. So if you're pregnant, you should avoid pesticides whenever possible.

1. If treating your lawn or garden with pesticides, have someone else apply the chemicals, and leave the area for the amount of time indicated on the package instructions.

2. Close all windows and turn off the air-conditioning so fumes won't be drawn into the house.

3. Wear rubber gloves when gardening to prevent skin contact.

4. If you have a fruit or vegetable garden, carefully wash all produce before eating it (you should wash all store-bought produce as well).

Do you have a garden or live on a farm? Are you trying to reduce your exposure to pesticides? What kind of precautions do you take?

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