Pregnancy Test Results -- How Did You Bide the Time?

waiting for pregnancy test resultsI took a pregnancy test for my son in the doctor's office, so I spent those agonizing five minutes bouncing my legs and staring at a beige wall while praying for good news.

When I suspected I was pregnant with my daughter, I took a home pregnancy test. I peed on the stick in the bathroom off the kitchen, popped to the sink to wash a few dishes while thinking good thoughts, and ran back into the bathroom in exactly four minutes (to make sure I gave it enough time).

How did you pass those incredibly nerve-wracking few minutes while waiting to see if those pink or blue lines appeared?

Other CafeMoms distracted themselves by ...


... putting lotion on my arms and getting no further than my shoulder. I just sat, with globs of lotion on my arms, and stared at the test for a couple minutes in disbelief. We had been trying for a year!

... totally forgetting about it! For me the tests were routine every month for the past two years. This time I was late, but I thought it was stress. I peed on the digital, went and brushed my teeth and started getting dressed ... then as I was packing lunch for work about seven minutes later I remembered. I went back to look, did a double take, and then started to cry with happiness!

... sitting on the toilet saying over and over, "Please don't be positive. Please don't be positive. I'm happy now, but I certainly wasn't trying to have another baby."

... doing nothing. As soon as I set it down it was two lines dark and bright!

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