Can You Feel Your Baby Hiccup in the Womb?


hiccup in the wombI'm still in my first trimester and don't feel much movement (besides gas), but I've been hearing that some mamas-to-be can feel their baby hiccup in the womb.

There is something so darling about that.

In utero hiccups can actually happen starting late in the first trimester, but most women cannot feel it until the third trimester. Apparently it feels like a rhythmic movement. And it's normal -- nothing to be concerned about.

There are moms in the Pregnancy group who are talking about feeling their baby hiccup.

Have you felt any hiccups yet? If so, share what they feel like!

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sodapple sodapple

when i was in my third trimester, my not so little one use to get them a lot, funny thing i will put my belly against hubby's back and he will wake up because he felt them. so cute. i felt them like a heart beating only harder lol

RanaA... RanaAurora

Yeah, I can.  It was one of the ways I was sure the baby was headdown, since her hiccups were down near my pelvis.

Pollymom Pollymom

It is cute to feel them hiccup. My son had them all the time in daughter, not so often.

ethan... ethans_momma06

My DS clockwork! Everytime I lay down to go to sleep I would feel this rythmic movement down where he was, and at first I just thought he was kicking me over and over and over but then I realised it was to long and to exact! It was so cute though!

Adria... AdriansMom0709

It's cute When they Hiccup, I'm almost Due and my baby hiccups on a daily basis.  It's normal, at first i didnt know it was the hiccups but one day for my Doc. Appt he had the hiccups and the doctor kept feeling it and asked me with a smile if he hiccups alot. That was The cutest feeling.happy

LilMzMa LilMzMa

My first dd had them day and night! This pregnancy my lil girl only gets them at night it seems. I must be honest though and say although its cute here and there its really annoying!! I guess it beats having her kick me in my ribs with happens every night when I lay down for bed now.

Momma... MommaTof123

When I was pregnant with my first baby, I felt her hiccup at 16 weeks.  It was awesome since that was the first movement I felt.  She then hiccupped a lot during the pregnancy and kicked.  My 2nd baby didn't hiccup as much and was more calm.

Don't be in a rush to feel those hiccups.  They will come.  One thing I learned is not to compare my pregnancy and babies with others.  Each develop at their own pace.  If you compare, you are setting your self up for disappointment.  Enjoy each stage of growth.  My kids are total opposites of each other.  My first baby was very active (and still is at 11 yo) and my 2nd was calm in the womb and is still very easy going at the age of 7.  They are unique in every way.  Just love on them for who they are.

Super... SuperMomof3kids

My first baby was the only one who hiccuped, and he seemed to get them ALL the time!  I didnt mind at all, but not only could I feel them, you could SEE my belly move with his hiccups and my best friend at the time would listen to them!

Manda... Manda5463

With both of my pregnancies I have felt hiccuping almost non stop! DD still hiccups all the time, and I'm still pregnant and she is a massive hiccuper! Sometimes its almost like chinese water tortue, but I do love it! She hiccups a majority of the day and it makes my whole belly move... its funny!

Cafe... Cafe Suzanne

My baby had the hiccups ALL the time. It kind of drove me crazy. She had them a lot after she was born too!

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