Prenatal Belly Button Rings -- Gonna Get One?

Pregnant CafeMom starrynight819's doctor scolded her the other day for not using a prenatal belly button ring in place of her regular trinket.

Apparently, rings, barbells, and other style metal jewelry are too short and can rip the skin as the pregnant tummy swells.

"My ring was starting to pinch into my belly button, and if I hadn't have switched it out, it could've caused some serious problems due to the skin stretching across my belly," starrynight819 said. "The doctor told me that if I kept it in, the ring could get embedded into my skin, or even be ripped out of my skin by just sitting the wrong way."


I don't have body piercings and had to look this one up. Prenatal rings (or retainers if they are used strictly as placeholders) are designed for expanding bellies -- here are some examples above. Pretty! They are made of medical grade, soft and flexible plastic.

Some moms in a Pregnancy group discussion said they never even knew these existed when they were pregnant and continued to wear their regular one. Another mom said she just took her piercing out entirely and all turned out okay.

What did you or will you do with your belly piercing during pregnancy? Take it out? Leave it in? Or buy a prenatal retainer?

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