5 Things Never to Say to a Pregnant Woman

rude things people say to pregnant women

Photo by mamanorwood

When I was pregnant, it seemed like people thought they could say anything they wanted to me—total strangers even thought it was okay to touch my belly. Some people were nice and just wanted to congratulate me, but others were downright rude.


lilsugar advises even the best-intentioned folks (including friends and family) to steer clear of these five topics when talking to a pregnant woman:

1. Who's the Daddy? If you don't know what a woman's relationship status is, don't ask who the father is.

2. You're huge! Commenting on the size of a woman's "baby bump" is completely inappropriate.

3. When I was pregnant, the most awful thing happened. Don't share your horror stories. I hated when people did this. I'd just stick my fingers in my ears and start singing as loudly as I could.

4. How much do you weigh? I didn't mind when someone asked me how much I gained, but if they asked me how much I weighed, I think I would have sat on them and said, "You tell me."

5. How did you get pregnant? Unless the woman brings it up, don't ask her if she had "help" (IVF, etc.).

What other topics do you think people should avoid when talking to a pregnant woman?

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