Pregnant in Heels: Yes or No?

Michelle Monaghan pregnant heels

Photo by Michael Buckner/Getty

Guest blog from Lucky magazine editor and CafeMom Meredith Rollins.

I know that conventional wisdom (and, possibly, common sense) says you should wear flats. But let's ignore that, for the moment. If you really love shoes, there's something a little sad about shelving them all for the duration of the pregnancy. Personally, heels make me feel more sophisticated, more dressed-up...and, let's be honest, they make my legs look better. Which is no small thing.

As proof, here's this picture of Michelle Monaghan, taken last fall when she was pregnant. She's at a big movie premiere, so she probably kicked off her shoes the moment the lights went down in the theater-but check out how foxy she is!


I love how chunky and strappy her shoes are: They look like they're stable enough to walk around in without toppling over. I'm so inspired that I've tracked down some similar (but lower-heeled) styles. I might not be able to get through an entire day in the office in them, but I'm certainly going to try.

heels for pregnant women

Photo from Amazon

heels for pregnant women

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Sexy, but still wearable -- Seychelles Denaise Platform Sandal ($99 and up, see above left) is really comfy, and the platform helps.

At right, is the Jacqui Mid Height Heel ($110) -- a much lower but equally cool version from Top Shop.

heels for pregnant women

Photo from Urban Outfitters

And these earthy-chic brown Contributer by Rachel Comey Heel ($68) are great for the weekends, which Lucky style maven Emily Hsieh discovered at Urban Outfitters.

Are any of you pregnant ladies rocking heels these days? Or do you just think it's a bad, bad, bad idea?

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