Sadness & Fear in Early Pregnancy

saddness and fear early pregnancy

I need a hug!

I'm 11 weeks into my first pregnancy and I feel really sad today. I know I should be happy and thinking positive thoughts, but maybe it's the hormones raging inside me making me down.

I know I am not alone. I was in the Pregnancy group, reading some posts in First-Trimester Moms and saw that there were other women who felt miserable, too.

I don't like feeling this way because I am really, really happy I am pregnant. It's just that I can't shake these emotions.

It doesn't help that just when I think my nausea subsides, I throw up. Or I wake up with more acne -- I didn't know you could get a pimple on your eyelid! Or that we have to move to a bigger apartment and just when I thought we found the perfect one, we have to battle with another couple who signed at the same time with another realtor. Plus, I'm worried about the health of my babies, my own health.... Sigh.

Does anyone else out there have these pregnancy blues? How can we cheer each other up?

1st trimester, emotions


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Passi... PassionDiva_NY

Oh hun I empathize with you. For both pregnancies I was totally excited  - but I could not shake off the "oh my gosh I'm going to be responsible for another human" fears.  Then along came the panic attacks, swollen and weird body reactions.  To make matters worse NO ONE understood where I was coming from. But have no fear - I do and I'm sure every other mother on here does too. It will pass.  It may not pass after your first trimester, but the moment you see those gorgeous little loves of your life, all those crazy and wild emotions will turn into amazing joy and the most powerful love you've ever felt. My advice for now - treat yourself to something you really like at least once a week. My indulgence was a walk on the west side highway and an ice cream cone. Sometimes with hubby, sometimes with a friend and sometimes all alone. :)

sstepph sstepph

I was that way when in my 1st trimester. Nothing made me happy. And then somedays I was happier than ever and a minute later, I was crying. This one time my Fiance and I were at the grocery store and this little old lady couldnt reach something on the top shelf so she asked my fiance (he's 6'6") and I just started bawling because I felt so bad because she was short and so was I and I just lost it. Haha. It was horrible. Then it seemed to go away until like a week before my son was born and everything made me cry again. Haha. It'll pass dear :) Just try and stay as happy as you can and if you feel like cyring... let it out.

Cafe... Cafe Sheri

I feel this way today, and I'm not even pregnant. :( Hang in there, M. This *will* pass. I agree with PassionDiva_NY, treat yourself. And give yourself permission *not* to worry today.

I like to write my bigger worries down and put them in a box, in the act of letting them go. It's strangely helpful.

Cafe... Cafe MicheleZ

Thank you all for the great suggestions and positive thoughts. Hugs!!

Anime... AnimeMom228

I am 8 weeks pregnant with my first child and I feel that way most days.  Some days it's because I can't do everything I use to do to help out with the bills.  Other days I feel like I'm not keeping the house tidy like I should because I can't work as much.  Some days I am scared that I won't be able to raise my child right (I often still feel like a child myself).  Mostly I am just scared of the unknown new chapter in which my life is starting on.  On those few days left, I'm just plain happy and excited about the new life my husband and I are going to bring into the world.  I have alot of moms of 3+ kids who all say the first time is always the hardest, but the hormones make each time at least a little troublesome.  Just remember to relax.  We are all nervous, but we wouldn't change what's happening, regardless of how scared, depressed, or anxious we get.  That being said, just remember that we can't stop the final outcome, so just try to enjoy the ride, cherish the peace and quiet that you have, and attempt to prepare yourself for motherhood.  Good luck.  ^.~

Mags419 Mags419

I am also 10 weeks pregnant with my first child. I have those days often. These hormones are aweful!! And 99% of the time, I don't even acknowledge them as hormones.. they are just my emotions and fears as a new mother. (I also fear for my baby's health and whether or not I'll be able to do this..)

The one thing that's been able to help those "bad" moods and scary thoughts is just to change your mood/thought. All women will tell you "it's not that easy, it's just the hormones." And this is true, but you do have control over your thoughts and feelings. When  your hugging your toilet at 5:30am and thinking "GAWD, this sucks!", just change your thought: "I wonder if this means my baby will be born with hair" LOL. Or "I feel aweful! Why can't I just feel happy?!" change it to- "I am grateful to be feeling what I am feeling because I would not be feeling it if I wasn't pregnant! My baby brings me great joy!"

It takes a couple of tries lol, but simply channeling the "bad" into something "good" will help you tremendousily! 

cummi... cumminsoonindec

Im super hormonal too it's okay. today i feel super sad because its fathers day and i want my bf to be here experiencing the 1st fathers day i have ever had, since i dont know my father and he is busy all day :( but tm ill prolly be happy again for no reason its likie being on your period haha

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