Sadness & Fear in Early Pregnancy

saddness and fear early pregnancy

I need a hug!

I'm 11 weeks into my first pregnancy and I feel really sad today. I know I should be happy and thinking positive thoughts, but maybe it's the hormones raging inside me making me down.


I know I am not alone. I was in the Pregnancy group, reading some posts in First-Trimester Moms and saw that there were other women who felt miserable, too.

I don't like feeling this way because I am really, really happy I am pregnant. It's just that I can't shake these emotions.

It doesn't help that just when I think my nausea subsides, I throw up. Or I wake up with more acne -- I didn't know you could get a pimple on your eyelid! Or that we have to move to a bigger apartment and just when I thought we found the perfect one, we have to battle with another couple who signed at the same time with another realtor. Plus, I'm worried about the health of my babies, my own health.... Sigh.

Does anyone else out there have these pregnancy blues? How can we cheer each other up?

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