Pregnancy Tops: When Tighter = More Flattering

tight pregnancy tops

Photo from American Apparel

Imagine a baby bump there.

Post from guest blogger Meredith Rollins.

I'm an editor at Lucky Magazine -- which is all about great, accessible style -- and I'm also a mom: I have a two-year-old son, and I'm pregnant with my second, due in September. As my belly has gotten bigger, I've been obsessed with finding cool, affordable clothes...ones that aren't necessarily from the maternity department (am I the only one who thinks it's criminal that designer maternity jeans cost just as much as the regular ones?). So this blog is going to be about all the stuff I'm loving, in both fashion and beauty.


My first pregnancy I was pretty conservative, style-wise: I swaddled myself in trapeze tops and flowy dresses, and avoided anything that might cling to my rapidly-expanding bump. It's just what seemed more appropriate, at the time. But then I went to all the trouble of getting back to my pre-pregnancy shape (well, pretty close)...and almost immediately decided to get pregnant with no. 2. So this time around, I'm feeling less inclined to wear a tent -- I just don't want to retreat into big clothes again. And it sounds like most of you don't mind flaunting your belly bump either.

Here's the thing: I've also become convinced that a tight top actually makes most pregnant women look way better than a voluminous one does. A blouse that's narrow through the shoulders and slim through the sides gives you a leaner silhouette: you look big in the front, where your bump is, not big all over. So I've stocked up on these long, ribbed tanks from American Apparel, up one size from my usual. They have a scoop neck that isn't too low in real life, and they're nice and long, so you don't risk them riding up and showing skin.

I pair them with a fun necklace, so they don't feel so sporty -- check out these statement necklaces (all under $50) from Anthropologie. I wear them alone (on the weekend), or under jackets or cardigans (at the office or when out and about).

A bonus? When my belly isn't hiding behind a yard of fabric, that lazy 20-something guy in the suit is far more likely to give me his seat on the subway, without my having to stand there and clear my throat for five minutes.

What do you think: Too tight? Too bare? Or just right?

Please ask me questions in the comments section: Are you looking for something in particular? Do you need advice about how to wear a certain piece? If I can't answer them, I know a whole office full of people who can!

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