Keepsakes for Your Baby Shower

keepsake for baby shower

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Every family has their own traditions for a baby shower. In mine, all the bows and ribbons are collected when the mama-to-be is opening gifts. They are then assembled on a paper plate (stapled or taped) to form a hat. At my sister's Jack and Jill shower, my cousin Bobby did the honors. We were all impressed with his design.

I have a new tradition I want to start in my family -- it's new to me, at least -- writing down well wishes and bits of wisdom for the parents-to-be.


You can do this with any kind of note cards and a cute box or you can get the kit, Baby Bliss in a Box: Wisdom and Well-Wishes for New Parents Collected From Family and Friends ($15.95).

Packed in a cute box, Baby Bliss has 36 index cards framed in pretty lilac allowing the guest to share some secrets to happy family life or even to jot down whatever they want.

The clever kit also comes with 12 cards that fold up and can be mailed to those who cannot attend! It prompts the absent person filling out the card with:

I'm no wiser than the next person, but I do have

_____ years of parenting experience.

_____ parents of my own.

So I'm honored to pass along

_____ my personal secret to living the next year in Baby Bliss...

_____ a few tips to take you through the lifelong pursuit of parenting...

Then there is lots of space for the writer to share whatever it is they want to share.

Each card also has a different quote on the bottom. One of my favorites is from Angela Schwindt: While we try to teach our children all about life, our children teach us what life is all about.

Love it!

What kind of traditions does your family have at baby showers?

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