Double Strollers: Tandem vs. Side-by-Side?

Whether you're expecting twins or giving your toddler a new sibling in the next few months, you may be considering a double stroller so you can actually get out of the house once in a while.

There are no shortage of brands, styles, and features to keep you busy in the months ahead. But the really big question when upgrading to a double is always: What's better -- a tandem (front-to-back) or side-by-side?

You've got enough to do with a new baby coming. So I compiled a list of pros and cons from the many and frequent discussions across CafeMom:




  • Easier to push and maneuver for general transport
  • More storage underneath seats
  • Both seats fully recline
  • No fighting for who gets to sit in the front, and both kids get to see each other
  • Easier, more compact folding (some models)
  • Better choice for heavy kids


  • Harder to get through some doors, aisles in stores
  • Easier for kids to steal toys and fight



  • Fits easily through doors and down aisles
  • Can hold infant seats (some models)
  • Kids don't fight as readily
  • Seats may turn to face each other (some models)


  • Harder to push and maneuver (especially if you have heavier kids)
  • More awkward to store in the car
  • Potential for hair pulling


Another hugely popular alternative among CafeMoms is the Sit-n-Stand Stroller by Baby Trend -- here's a picture. Moms with infants and older children like this stroller because the bigger kid can sit or stand while the baby stays in front.

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