Safe & Stylish Sandals for Your Summer Pregnancy

summer safety Summer Pregnancy Sandals

If you're about to go through a pregnant summer, you're probably wondering what shoes are best in the heat. Here are some stylish and supportive sandal options to give you a good idea what type of shoe is safest for a summer pregnancy.


Choose summer shoes or sandals that are:

  • Flats or low heels: If you can do heels, especially later in your pregnancy, good for you. Many pregnant women begin to feel less balanced and uncomfortable in heels above two inches or so. If you must have a heel, choose a low one.
  • Comfortable: You don't want any thin straps that pinch or dig, especially if you're dealing with swollen feet. Go for comfort and go bigger if you need to in order to feel comfortable. Some women's feet actually grow a full size during pregnancy; others just feel better in a bigger or wider size shoe.
  • Slip-on: Don't forget, bending over to tie or buckle shoes is going to get increasingly harder in the third trimester. Having a slip-on shoe, even just simple flip flops, might become a necessity toward the end of your pregnancy.
  • Supportive: Go for shoes with good arch and full foot support by choosing a shoe brand known for comfort. They may cost a little more, but remember, these are shoes. You will most likely be able to wear them again after your pregnancy. There are a lot of knockoffs that can serve you well too.

All the above sandal choices offer most of these features for safety and comfort. Click the photo for source and pricing information.

Let's have lots of happy pregnancies with lots of happy feet this summer! Remember, get off your feet often, elevate them too, and give them a nice foot soak if they feel hot and swollen.

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