Induced Labor: Moms Share What It Was Like

Wondering what it's like to be induced? CafeMoms share their labor induction stories and tell you exactly what to expect...


Elizabethsma631 said:

I had a good experience with induction. I was given Cervadil overnight, and in the morning they gave me Pitocin. Shortly after, my water broke. After that happened it was four hours later and out came my baby! I did get an epidural. My total labor was nine hours according to the doctor, but I'm not sure what they count as labor. I only pushed for 30 minutes before she came out. If I could carbon copy it again, I would!


Larsbug said:

I was induced in my 39th week. They started the Pitocin and the cervical thinning strip, broke my water, and after about 17 hours, they just ended up doing an emergency C-section.


Mom_n_more said:

I was induced with both of mine. With Pitocin, I would plan on having some sort of pain management (epidural, spinal block, etc.) in mind, because it can make the contractions more powerful and painful in the long run. I had a 12-hour breeze labor/delivery with DD on Pitocin. It was great, and I felt enough pain in the end to feel like a worthwhile mom—just have them take you off the epidural before you get completely to 10. It actually helps you to taper off because you can feel where you're pushing. It did make me throw up, though.

With DS I had the cervical pill at 36 weeks (he was big enough to separate my pelvis ligaments). I didn't have pain meds. It worked very quickly, and I started contracting after 20 minutes. I don't know how I would have done later because after 14 hours (contractions were showing 10 cm strength but my body was at 4), they ended up doing a C-section. He never would have come out because the cord was wrapped around him like a seat belt (just chilling out!). I think the pill is less invasive than the Pitocin. Talk about the options, because there's a few more than there used to be.

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What happened when you were induced?

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