10 Fun Birth Day Facts

birth day facts

Lots of baby books have sections for random facts about the day your baby was born. It's always fun to look back (the price of gas was how much?!?!) so don't forget to jot them down (or ask someone to do it for you).


Lil Sugar put together a slideshow of examples of fun facts to be on the look out for:

  • Top box office hit: What was "the" movie to see when your baby was born?
  • Top song on the air waves: When your kid is older, he might just look back and laugh at what we were all dancing to when he was born.
  • Gas prices: This one will more than likely get a "gas was how much?!" in years to come.
  • Hamburger tab: Write down the price of a good ol' fashioned cheeseburger.
  • A bottle of something: Any kind of drink you want, note the price of one drink.
  • Political news: Especially with the kind of political year we just experienced!
  • Price for a loaf of bread: I remember my grandmother saying how little a loaf of bread cost her years ago.
  • Newspaper: Get a newspaper from the day your baby was born and save it or cut out the headlines to put in the baby book!
  • Sporting event: Pick a sporting event going on that day whether it be baseball, tennis, or a horse race and jot it down.
  • Price for a gallon of milk: A staple product, households will always need milk and it's fun to see the price differences over the years.

What are some facts you plan on scribbling down?


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